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Bad Things Happen to Good People and Other Poem

By Toheeb Jamiu

There is Something Fishy

There is something fishy in water,

Besides waterbirds and fishes.

On the water, there is a land.

On the land, there is a mat.

On the mat, there is a throne.

On the throne, there is a king.

On the king, there is a crown.

On the crown, there is a wing.

On the wing, there is a sky.

On the sky, there is a comet.

Comet on the sky:

Sky on the wing:

Wing on the crown:

Crown on the king:

King on the throne:

Throne on the land:

Land on the water:

Fishes and waterbirds besides

Water in fishy something is there.

Bad Things Happen to Good People

Sometimes, it is hard to say

Sometimes, it is tough to pray

And shrill and shed and bray

And swim in pond of grey clay

For, we seem not to know why

Good people say quick goodbye

And bad folks refuse to quietly die

Until they drag down the sky

Sometimes, it goes against the brain

Sometimes, we seem quite insane

And vain and plain and wane

And lie in embers of driest rain

For, we still don’t fully understand

Why bad things on this very land

Often happen to the very good band.

—Photo by Mollyroselee via Pixabay


  • Toheeb Jamiu

    Toheeb Aremu Jamiu, pseudonymously known as Maître Jammy, is a prolific writer whose works encompass legal writings, poetry, articles, essays, satire, among other genres. Most of his oeuvres have been published in reputable international and national journals. He currently serves as the Editor-in-Chief of Nigerian Association of Muslim Law Students and has edited more than five published books. In 2022, he achieved 1st place in the Punocracy Prize for Satire Competition with his entry titled "The Leaders of Tomorrow." Aside being a literary giant, he is a legal researcher and advocate of good policies. His organization of critical thinking has contributed to his expertise in various areas of Law. He has a keen interest in exploring the socio-legal interrelationship between Artificial Intelligence and Fundamental Rights.

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