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Death, Oh Death and Other Poems

By Juliet Adeniran.

I Am Staying

I thought of taking myself out of here.

Take it where? I knew not.

Which way would be easier to get to-

The nowhere area, where I knew not.

Then I heard the laughter of little babes,

How the birds sang with no worries,

How the ants lived with their formation,

And how the fountains gave out rushing water.

Oh! How the breeze blew on my pitiful face.

But the place I was going I knew not.

Then I asked myself, “Why can’t I stay here and enjoy

Natural blessings from above?”

There were people who cared to ask-

“Are you okay?” I then knew, “I can make it.”

“I am staying. Yes, I am going nowhere.

I will talk about my state of depression;

Open up to those who care enough.

It’ll feel terrible to make them cry by leaving.”

Hear me now, “I am staying. I am living-

Like other kind. Just like the birds,

I will sing no matter what.

Like the ants, I will be in order.

The lion roar, I will roar to the wrongs.

That little babe is crying, I will cuddle him.

Oh, how sweet it is to live?

I won’t take myself out of here,

I will learn to love and share.”

Too Lost

She moved about with a pitiful face. 

She wandered around the big city,

Working for what she needed from it.

To take from others seemed nice to her.

Don’t you dare think she couldn’t do it?

She could even send you out with a hit.

She got work, the wrong job,

And she was deprived of her happiness.

She went along as friends with the criminal mob.

Breaking Point

Ready to snap,

Feeling the need to.

All strings lost.

This is my breaking point.

Can’t stand on my feet,

Like the wind gets an idea,

Losing myself in the midst.

This is my breaking point.

Even my name sounds strange,

Weeping furiously at the sound;

I’m losing all endurance.

This is my breaking point.

Can’t smell myself,

Despite those cool calming scents,

All that’s left is dirt.

This is my breaking point.

Feeling frustrated,

And those around not helping;

I think I’m losing it.

This is my breaking point.

I will snap at them all.

Yes! Then,

I’ll be free, or

I’ll stop at my breaking point.

Death, Oh Death!

I call you, son of no one.

No wonder you’re hated.

Counting all you’ve done,

You go on thinking you’ve won.

You have no single fear;

That’s why you are friendless.

No one can even near

Cause your name they can’t bear.

See the lasting drool on your face,

Mocking along as you tread

Your path no one can trace.

What they wish is to keep their space.

No wonder you have no friends,

Who will spend time with you?

For you have an ugly end,

And you busy yourself in ending…

Death, oh death!

Speak no more!

I pray you are stuck in the net,

Preventing you from coming to the earth.

You make everyone your target;

You swallow them in whole;

You keep their life in your pocket,

They have no choice but to kick the bucket.

Death, oh death!

You, the wicked spirit of none.

The world will battle you

If you’re seen,

And I pray they triumph over you.

Photo by Ray_Shrewsberry via Pixabay


  • Juliet Adeniran

    Juliet Adeniran (Yuliya Juliet) holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba-Akoko. Her writing journey commenced at a young age. She has authored over 100 poems, and served as a ghost writer for two published stories. For Juliet, writing serves as her therapy.

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