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Ògùn Ìsòye

By Toheeb Jamiu


I have dipped three right fingers

After index finger into three rivulets

That house three pebbles atop three rocks

Beneath three mounts __

The coven of three witches

It must be smashed into three

It must be crashed into three

It must be dashed into three

Thirty-three incisions on my forehead

Thirty-three incisions on my cervix

Each three must stand three three

When I hearken back two of the three,

I remember to forget the last ingredient

It is not Kúlúso², I am reminded by Ewé Ìyéyè³

Nor Amúnimúyè⁴, Èràn¹¹ assuredly prompts me

But, the three witches instructed me thrice

I need to bethink the Èlò¹²

For, I need to remember not to forget

The crest of a crowing cock

Ose Dudu¹³ succeeds it

The last, Eyin Aiye¹⁴?!

Have I forgotten?

Perhaps, I will tell but not today

Not tomorrow

Nobody tells all he knows.

Photo by andrasgs via Pixabay

¹ A magical portion or powder used to permanently invigorate the brain to attain academic excellence in school.

² A tiny insect that digs small holes in the sand.

³ A type of leave which forms part of items used for the preparation of Isoye portion.

⁴ It is a plant that controls one’s consciousness. It makes one to easily recall what one has learnt.

¹¹ This is a type of plant which is best known for its transplantation.

¹² This refers to the different items or ingredients used to prepare Isoye.

¹³ Pounded black coloured soap traditionally used for bathing or cleansing one’s head or palms.

¹⁴ A body of powerful unseen forces.


  • Toheeb Jamiu

    Toheeb Aremu Jamiu, pseudonymously known as Maître Jammy, is a prolific writer whose works encompass legal writings, poetry, articles, essays, satire, among other genres. Most of his oeuvres have been published in reputable international and national journals. He currently serves as the Editor-in-Chief of Nigerian Association of Muslim Law Students and has edited more than five published books. In 2022, he achieved 1st place in the Punocracy Prize for Satire Competition with his entry titled "The Leaders of Tomorrow." Aside being a literary giant, he is a legal researcher and advocate of good policies. His organization of critical thinking has contributed to his expertise in various areas of Law. He has a keen interest in exploring the socio-legal interrelationship between Artificial Intelligence and Fundamental Rights.

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