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Our Dreams Not Yet Shattered

By Ridwan Jamiu

In a submissive stroll down the tower,

height of progress weathering to grass.

It is an allusion that we once licked honey with our bodies and tongues.

Honies distilled from National spirits and tolerance.

We are thrown into a barrel of plagues. Why?

Now, we wallow in unfulfilled dreams and hope;

our people are enclaved on the devil’s island,

where horrors procreate and barbarity dine and wine.

Boko Haram and bigotry,

Fulani herdsmen, philistinism and brutality

reign of wolves on the Giant of Africa

“the rain of locusts”.

Ho! THESE shattered our glass of dreams and hope.

Not too late! Too late not and not shattered.

Arise o! Compatriots!

To pursue our dreams with a revitalising determination and effort;

To build fresh minds to be forthright;

To demolish the lingering fortress of “ethno-national” debacle,

with one mind, one flesh, one bone and one soul.

For our inhuman restlessness be bygone;

our sun will glow; our sky is limitless

to harbour our I’s and desires within our art of needs.

With YOU and selflessness, with tolerance and sanctity,

our enmity will regress; our humanity will progress.

Under the flag of unity and faith, dwell our peace and progress.

The wall of our friendship will not last till morrow but live forever.

-Photo by engagecr8 via Pixabay


  • Ridwan Jamiu

    Ridwan Adeniyi Jamiu (Swot) is a writer and lover of history and African literary works. He is currently studying law at the University of Ilorin.

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