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Peace and Other Poem

By Juliet Adeniran

Windy Breeze

Though it comes with great power,

It’s so empty inside,

Stirring unease in the heart.

It may seem simple,

But it comes with a disruptive force;

It awakens dormant emotions.

It shatters silence,

Sending things adrift;

Its movement can’t be measured.

It howls in the night,

Along with a prolonged cry of distress,

It wails and fills the ocean.

It moves; it doesn’t stop,

Touching and never staying,

Leaving traces of sentiment in its wake.

It can bring joy,

With skilled guidance,

Leaving hearts yearning for more.

But when it fans the flames of discord,

It awakens bitter memories,

Casting a shadow upon the wary heart.

Command the windy breeze;

Play your tune, I say, Play!

And watch it dance to your melody.


The earth crumbles beneath our feet;

People stumble in their haste,

Running to a city yet unknown,

Peace is what they seek.

Streets hum with relentless noise.

From homes, “Aha!” can be heard,

Prolonging in the air.

In markets, “You dare me not!”

Tempers rise and flare.

On roads, “Fool” is the word exchanged.

In churches, enmity dwells, Brothers against Sisters in fellowships.

In mosques, anger clouds the way, amidst the whispers of prayers.

In classrooms, chaos ensues as paper balls are thrown around!

No one takes a step back,

All striving to be on top,

Climbing over others, no mercy to seek,

Yet they proclaim, “Peace is all we seek.”

Where, oh where, has true peace slipped away?

Why resort to deception for personal gain?

Why exploit the powerless to fulfil your needs?

Why, I ask, why?

Peace can’t be bought,

It’s a gift, not easily sought,

Gifted to the good-hearted.

Seek it rightly, and you will find peace.

—Photo by Mylene2401 via Pixabay


  • Juliet Adeniran

    Juliet Adeniran (Yuliya Juliet) holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba-Akoko. Her writing journey commenced at a young age. She has authored over 100 poems, and served as a ghost writer for two published stories. For Juliet, writing serves as her therapy.

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