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The Mission of Lady Justice

By Abdulsamad Jimoh

I rise in graceful stance, free of fear, confronting

the darkness that shakes every sight and might

with guile and shenanigans.

I summon my focus to the force that struggles

to banish the shadows that obscure the light’s cascade.

I gather my boundless strength in tow, and unite with

the soldiers of honour, who hanker for thousands of me

in a tug of war.

The silent lady stands close within my view; she must be

a beautiful figure, concealing her eyes with the oath

of truth she’s sworn, to uphold the law of our land,

for she never wants falsehood to taint her sacred hall.

She never wants the darkness and the faces of his elements.

This face of mine shall not come before her,

unless I bring a radiant light that will dispel the darkness

that engulfs the land far and wide.

She only craves the truth. Though the heavy cloth

blinds her eyes, she sees the scene through lens of wisdom.

She can hear the truths; she can hold them, and feel them

within her soul, whenever they come before her.

Through aeons past, she’s witnessed replicas

of this time. This ugly beautiful day, that

seems to trip the light fantastic in the darkness that

I have joined the force to combat.

She must have seen darkness and light,

in different colours, shapes, and styles,

with wisdom that graces her soul––

the powerful sense and mind in her.

She’s a sagacious old lady, standing firm and tall

in every weather, across the land, without fear and favour.

Her balanced scales weigh deeds on even plane, to guide

against partiality, for impartiality guides her stand,

and fairness, her guiding light,

as the long stories of every side must be heard.

And she displays her gleaming sword, unsheathed,

to manifest fearless, in the course of righting wrongs.

I have ascertained the mission of the sagacious old lady.

Justice! It is crystal clear!

I follow her path, where truth belongs.

Her mission rings out like

a hundred bells in a deserted hall.

The message journeys over miles after miles,

to ears and eyes of the living souls.

Her name is in her words, and her words give birth to hope.

Hope that once her mission’s quest is done,

darkness shall vanish, and the land shall be cleansed

from the veils that blind.

Photo by WilliamCho via Pixabay


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