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Voices of Empathy: A Collection of Poems on Sexual Assault.

By Juliet Adeniran, Abdulsamad Jimoh, Dan Nwankwo, Toheeb Jamiu & Ridwan A. Jamiu

Her Tears

By Juliet Adeniran.

All she ever wanted was a life free from stress—

Never planned to be tied down. More so,

She wanted to be in a stress-free life.

Oh! Evil men had a plan set out for her.

To ruin, and to waste her dreams of life.

Look and see how dark their heart has become.

One dark blank evening, it all happened,

When the birds had retired for rest.

There, all her hopes came running down.

Two at a time they defiled her,

Beatings to the body that hanged on for dear life.

Marks on her body showed what she endured.

She prayed for a stop by all means,

And for justice that had been in a deep slumber.

It’s time to give her justice.

“Let those evil men be put away,” she cried,

Beating her breast in agony

Let justice arise and speak!

The Lost Pride

By Abdulsamad Jimoh.

I thought my body was mine alone,

Until it got deformed at a zone,

Where my pride was murdered in my presence

By rapscallions who had lost their conscience.

They stole my pleasure away,

And dipped me deep into agony in a day,

Turning every minutes of my life into nightmare…

For people to say I needed healthcare.

If only I was a bird that could fly,

I would’ve fled in a wink from the scene,

Before I became a dumping ground.

If only I was a thunder,

I would’ve sent a cacophony to the world.

Perhaps, for rescuer to emerge…


No rescue.

And the villains were beside themselves with sadism.

Upright justice!

No doubt, I’d lost my pride…


Be set to save tomorrow.

Red is no Longer Sign of Love but of Slavery and Pain

By Dan Nwankwo.

She says,

“I’ve been caught between oceans;

I’ve seen wide.

My hands have been strangled behind my back,

locking my fingers in bitterness.

My mouth has been gagged that no one can hear the sound of my voice.

I’ve cried through the holes in my body;

I cry blood;

I cry water,

My foot gasping for freedom.

Red is no longer a sign of love, it’s of slavery and pains.

I’ve been caught between ocean; I dare not talk;

I dare not make myself more miserable by saying it out.”

A World for Girls

By Juliet Adeniran.

For someone with hopes and ambitions,

A better tomorrow and a sweet plan in place,

Never had to worry or be sad in a bit as she lived.

But with all her hopes and dreams,

They all went down just because of their lustful desires.

They had their way with her, and made her scare.

To stand among others became hard and she turned away,

Five good feet away, from opposite sex.

Will she then live the rest of her life in fear of them?

Is this world not also made for her excitement?

Let us come together and build.

Build a world for our girls with love and respect,

Showing how secure they will be from the beast like men.

And they can tread upon the earth

Without fear—without turning their heads back

To look over their tiny shoulders.

Inhuman Humans

By Toheeb Jamiu (Maître Jammy).

Rare cruelty from humane mankind:

Pedophiles who feed not on hen

Nor her egg, but her yolk,

Suck the unripe fruits,

Stroke the juice,

Unroof the hymen.

After strangling her strength,

Zipping down her voice with manly might,

Her shrill becomes muffled

To the beasts robed in human skins.

Oh! Nothing more can deafen and sadden a caged bird

Than what deafens and saddens even Death.

The evil in rapists makes Satan a devil!

Should we shove off what is strong in them?

And feed it to a toothy rabid dog?

The Son of Devil

By Ridwan A. Jamiu (Swot).

You are a son of devil;

You are crueler than your father.

You cornered her, she was helpless.

Her strength was chained; her mouth was gagged.

You nailed her barrel, and ruptured her hymen.

You desecrated her Holy Temple.

She is in acrimony, wallowing in cries of anguish.

Bitter is the heart of her who was robbed.

The stigma, the name-calling, the look of the evil world.

The loss of the red wine that dollars cannot buy,

For the red wine will again not flow on that lawful day.

May the wrath of nemesis prickle you, son of devil!

Call for Justice

By Juliet Adeniran.

She was finally broken and torn;

Her soul neared open and outworn.

Left alone on the desolated path of the road

Body bared and the proof could be seen on her fragile body.

In the morning — at dawn,

She was found hanging on life;

She was fresh and young, not yet a wife.

Tears dropped from her almost white eyes,

Rolling down her dry and skinny cheeks.

Bruises and scars were all over her bony body;

She fell victim to dangerous and ruthless men,

Who almost sucked the life out of her.

She raised four fingers in the air as she lied down

On the cold hospital bed, on the sunny day she finally opened her eyes.

Four men turned her that way,

And dealt with her body badly.

She lost her precious gift to them.

Again, tears flowed.

From where I stood, I wept.

I call for justice! A stop to this…

Let’s build a world free of fear for the young beauties.

And we shall live in harmony and peace.


Rape is sinful, nefarious and felonious. Let’s come together to combat illegality and truculence.


—Photo by Fabrizio_65 via Pixabay


  • Juliet Adeniran

    Juliet Adeniran (Yuliya Juliet) holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba-Akoko. Her writing journey commenced at a young age. She has authored over 100 poems, and served as a ghost writer for two published stories. For Juliet, writing serves as her therapy.

  • Abdulsamad Jimoh

    Abdulsamad Jimoh is an avid reader, content strategist, blogger, and raconteur.

  • Dann Nwankwo

    Dan Nwankwo is a writer. He graduated from the Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba-Akoko.

  • Toheeb Jamiu

    Toheeb Aremu Jamiu, pseudonymously known as Maître Jammy, is a prolific writer whose works encompass legal writings, poetry, articles, essays, satire, among other genres. Most of his oeuvres have been published in reputable international and national journals. He currently serves as the Editor-in-Chief of Nigerian Association of Muslim Law Students and has edited more than five published books. In 2022, he achieved 1st place in the Punocracy Prize for Satire Competition with his entry titled "The Leaders of Tomorrow." Aside being a literary giant, he is a legal researcher and advocate of good policies. His organization of critical thinking has contributed to his expertise in various areas of Law. He has a keen interest in exploring the socio-legal interrelationship between Artificial Intelligence and Fundamental Rights.

  • Ridwan Jamiu

    Ridwan Adeniyi Jamiu (Swot) is a writer and lover of history and African literary works. He is currently studying law at the University of Ilorin.

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