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What Lies Deep Within

By Juliet Adeniran

They speak of a heart of stone,

In every corner, they tremble in fear of him,

Labelled a criminal, his reputation known,

Yet, the people’s judgments are dim.

Through those baby blue eyes, so profound,

Beyond those cold walls, guarding a fragile soul.

Eyes that seem so distant,

A heart tightly bound,

A story of pain and despair takes its toll.

I can see what they cannot see;

I can feel the emotions he tries to hide. Oh! Yes!

I can solve that broken puzzle;

I know what lies deep within.

Yes, he is broken,

Lost four fingers in a war,

A wife and son lost in a crash,

Family all gone and buried.

He’s resentful of a world

That dealt a cruel hand.

Yes! He’s mad at the world;

He’s transformed into a threat,

He is dangerous. Yes, he is.

He takes lives with a single snap,

Yet, beneath the surface, where emotions expand,

He mourns for the lives that he’ll never forget.  

He appears scary, ensuring no attachment –

A facade of strength to protect his fragile core.

I see through his soul;

I know the feelings.

I have been there before, and I know.

I know! I know what lies deep within.

He seeks to destroy

What caused his destruction.

He seeks revenge;

He is bitter and livid.

Oh! But he is unaware, that I am here.

I survived the crash.

I understand him each day,

Because I am his wife.

-Photo by Mylene2401 via Pixabay


  • Juliet Adeniran

    Juliet Adeniran (Yuliya Juliet) holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba-Akoko. Her writing journey commenced at a young age. She has authored over 100 poems, and served as a ghost writer for two published stories. For Juliet, writing serves as her therapy.

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