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When the Laughter Turns Fake and Other Poems

By Juliet Adeniran.


Thou didst proclaim ‘one’ boldly;

We discovered ‘two’ bitterly.

Thou lied through thy nose,

Trying to cover thyself.

Thou said ‘no’ with courage;

Yet we beheld thee affirming a ‘yes’

Thou couldst not restrain thyself,

Acting solely for thine own sake.

Thou couldst not even maintain thy footing,

Thy legs shaking and faltering…

Thou shouted at poor child,

Yet thy child was far worse.

“Drink not!” Thou didst exclaim.

Yet, twenty bottles were small for thy thirst.

The smoke that issued from thy mouth was dense,

And thou didst live without a trace of shame.

Thine own actions stood in defiance of thyself.

Thou didst speak, yet thy deeds contradicted.

Ere long, thou shalt fade away.

What a hypocrite!

My Kick

I am your average daughter,

But deep down I’m your hater.

When I was a sweet little princess,

I played with many dolls,

But now, I pick pockets with luck…

No one cared to tell me I was wrong.

With a workaholic of a father

And an event-going mother,

Who would say I did wrong?

Who thought I would’ve gone astray?

No one – not even a single soul.

Not those who thought I was the perfect-

Daughter, the good friend.

Not until I left with the family safes,

After making friends.

Yet, they thought I was like “the prodigal son.”

Of course I took a spending, and now I’m spent.

Where do I go next? Is my next question.

I need to find a kick and enjoy my freedom.

Nature Holds Back Silently

The glowing sky above

Showered its sweet love

Upon humans with-

The dearest minds and hearts.

The wind for them dropped its hat.

Nature stood still, crying,

While men went on laughing

And destroying what they met.

Right from the start of the day

Nature was the one to pay.

Let Mother Nature hold back.

Yes, let her not be angry.

Let her not make mankind suffer.

Let her still hold on to her peace,

And heal the time with ease.

Bleeding Heart

A big door stood open, leading to the depth.

A free book unshackled, for all to peruse and smile.

But pages, here and there, were torn and creased,

For the guards were too weary to protest.

That moment changed her life I once knew,

Bringing the watery one to the surface.

For so long, she tried to conceal her pains,

But see how harshness of life marred her.

That lovely big open heart now bleeds.

And the eyes won’t even get tired of the drops,

As the mouth is now shaped with big cries

That bleeding heart has no cure.

Her heart shattered by the wicked hearts,

Ensnared so deeply in their cunning snares,

And she’s left to suffer the pains alone.

Oh! Who will heal the bleeding heart?

When The Laughter Turns Fake

This is where I’ll stand and watch patiently,

As the face grows weak and weary,

It cries for help, but finds none.

That’s when the acting begins.

It’s been a while that smile’s been there,

Plastered to the face for a long time.

And now, it’s fading, revealing the real thing…

What is left is merely the act.

The face is caked up with fakes —

Fake smile and fake laughter.

Nothing is real again when the heart hurts.

Then the acting tough starts.

When the laughter turns fake,

Know that the heart wants but receives none;

Realise the body aches but there is no relief;

When the acting starts, it lasts not.

The temple cries for relief;

The stomach twists in unbearable pain;

The chin hurts and the cheeks groan,

When the laughter turns fake.

—Photo by Sbgonti via Pixabay


  • Juliet Adeniran

    Juliet Adeniran (Yuliya Juliet) holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba-Akoko. Her writing journey commenced at a young age. She has authored over 100 poems, and served as a ghost writer for two published stories. For Juliet, writing serves as her therapy.

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